7 Best Apps for Traveling with Your Dog


When on the road it’s nice to have all your essentials easily accessed. For me, that means having my phone, chapstick, sunglasses, water, snacks, and credit card all within arm’s reach. When traveling with my pup Loki, I have a list of essentials that I keep for him too. There’s the water, snacks, toys, favorite blanket, and some apps on my phone, just for him.

If you like to travel with your dog, apps are sometimes the best way to keep your dog happy and safe while traveling AND help you keep your sanity. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite apps below when traveling with my dog.

Bring Fido



My absolute favorite app, that I could not live without when traveling with Loki, is Bring Fido. This app lets you search for dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, activities, and events. I love to use this app when on the road to book dog-friendly hotels the day before and find restaurants nearby that will allow Loki to be with me.

It was also a great way to find parks where Loki could stretch his legs and socialize while I did the same. As a side note, dog parks are a great place to make new friends if you’re willing to walk up to strangers and start random conversations.


The only downside to Bring Fido is that it doesn’t show hiking trails – this is where I bring in AllTrails to fill in that gap. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have a filter for dog-friendly trails but in the details, it will tell you if it’s dog-friendly and if your dog needs to be leashed or not.

I personally love this app because it also tells you how rigorous the trail is and how populated it is. I don’t mind a tough trail but I find hiking is a lot easier with Loki when the trails aren’t as busy due to his timid nature around new people.


Essentially, it’s an app that helps you get together with other dog owners for playdates. If you like to meet up with people to do things with your dog then BarkHappy is a great app to get. It’s almost like BumbleBFF but for dogs and their owners. It’s a great way for you to meet other dog owners and for your pup to make friends

The only negative I’ve found of this app is that some parts of the country use it and others don’t so when you’re traveling around you may find dead spots where you don’t really have anyone to meet on the app.

Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross

When roaming with your pup, it’s nice to know that if something goes wrong you have the necessary pet first aid info at the tip of your fingers. Fortunately, I’ve never needed to use it, I am paranoid and like knowing that it’s there in case some freak accident happens.

You know the saying, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best”.


Following that same thought process, I also like to use Pawprint to store Loki’s medical records. It makes it easy to have his medical records available in case we have an emergency medical stop. That being said, on a more realistic use, it’s nice to have his vaccine documents on hand for quick entry to dog play areas, boarding, or doggy day cares.

As an example, I was in the Sacramento area and stopped by the Animal Den on a blistering hot day. I needed to have his vaccine records and luckily was able to pull those up easily so Loki could cool off in the pool while playing with other puppies.


If you find that you want to get a dog sitter, dog walker, or board your dog quickly either while traveling or at home, Rover is my go too app. I loved Dogvacay more but they were absorbed into Rover and now this is what I find to be the best option.

For someone with a dog that has special needs Rover’s process is a little harder. Dogvacay had a more robust matching system, so with Rover you need to do more of the legwork to find the right match for your dog which takes more time and can cost more. Some people are nice and will set up a free meet and greet while others will request you schedule a walk. But in a pinch, it’s a useful app.


If you also are in a pinch and need some quick vet advice or training tips from a professional, Petcoach is a great app to have. On the road it can be tricky to find a vet on short notice and even harder to set up training. 

And for me, traveling with Loki was the time when we had the most behavior issues because he was uneasy and I wasn’t always sure how to handle them. I, unfortunately, didn’t have this app for those travels but I have started using it a bit and I like the prospects.

When traveling with your dog sometimes the items that help you most are the apps on your phone. Although the ones they enjoy the most are definitely their favorite toys, their blankets and bed so don’t forget those too.


No matter where you go, have fun roving with rover. 🙂

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