Low Cost Pet Friendly Hotels

When traveling across the country with your dog, you can’t just pull up at any old hotel and book a room when you get tired of driving. You’ll need to make sure it’s a pet-friendly hotel, and if you have a large dog, or you have more than one dog with you, you’ll want to make sure their pet policy can accommodate that.

If you’re like me and like to make last minute plans when traveling, then take a look at this list of low-cost, dog-friendly hotel chains. Most hotels in these chains accept dogs (large dogs) and multiple dogs per room. As with all of these though you will want to call ahead (even if that is only 2 hours ahead) and make sure they have the same rules at their specific location. So, without further ado, here is the list!

Motel 6


I stayed at many Motel 6’s along my trip from Virginia to California and although they are not the fanciest places to stay, they had no problem accommodating Loki. They also have no pet fee meaning they aren’t up charging you because you’re bringing your dog with you. This is really nice if your dog isn’t a mess since you won’t have to pay that “just in case” fee.

Red Roof Inn

red roof inn

Another great hotel chain that is dog-friendly, allows large dogs, and doesn’t have any pet fees is Red Roof Inn. I must admit I didn’t stay in any Red Roof Inns when I was traveling mostly because I would stay in a Motel 6 which was cheaper. That being said, my brother has stayed in them with his large husky and had no trouble so I would consider them a good name to look for on the maps.

La Quinta Inn

la quinta inn

The last low-cost dog-friendly hotel with no pet fees is the La Quinta Inn. They are also a good place to stay on the cheap. They are more hotel like in style so you have more of a buffer between you and the outdoors. They are not my first choice because the ones I stayed in had an interesting smell of mildew and stale smoke. I only stayed in one though and my parents stay in La Quintas when traveling up the West Coast with their pup Rielly. In all their stays they’ve had no complaints of funny smells so if you’re on the West Coast or willing to take a gamble then a La Quinta isn’t a bad place to stay.

Super 8

super 8

If you still want cheap but are willing to pay a small pet fee, then you can stay in a Super 8. I’d rank it as being less nice than a Motel 6 but on par with a Red Roof Inn. The pet fee is minimal so it’s still not as expensive as many other hotel options.

The Quality Inn


The last hotel chain that I stayed in on my trip that I thought was worth mentioning was The Quality Inn. They are fairly good dog-friendly hotels at low cost. I didn’t stay in many although I did find the quality for cost varied so know this is a bit of a gamble when you choose The Quality Inn.


When planning your trip try to look ahead at where you’ll be going and determine about where you’ll be stopping. You don’t necessarily need to book the hotel then but making sure that their will at least be options is a good way to ensure that you won’t be needing to drive another 30+ minutes to find a dog friendly hotel when you’re already wanting to curl up in a cozy bed you didn’t have to make.

A few sites to use both when on the road or when planning, in the beginning, are BringFido.com, or Pet-Friendly-Hotels.net. You can also use any of your usual sites like Expedia, Hotels, etc when looking on your laptop but they are harder to view on your smartphone. BringFido is what I used since they have the app and you could book right through the app or worst case, find the hotel and call them to book it.

No matter how you choose to plan or where you decided to stay, have fun roving with rover!

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