Hello World

Hi, my name is Cailey. I just arrived in Sacramento with my dog Loki. It took about 3 weeks to make my way across the country. I spent my first week visiting with family on the East Coast before starting my way west. I didn’t take a straight shot across either, I decided to make a journey of it and stop in all my bucket list spots. This consisted of Kentucky, Chicago, Denver, passing through Wyoming and Montana for the beautiful national parks, a stop in Coeur d’Alene, Seattle, Portland, and then home to Sacramento.


Before I left for the trip, I knew there were going to be bumps in the road for my pup Loki so I did a bunch of research and tried to plan for those challenges as best I could. Even the best-laid plans still have their challenges though. For instance, I was surprised when people would come up and try and pet Loki without asking first. I also didn’t know how Loki would respond to all the changes and show his nervousness or excitement which he displayed by getting a little short with me, not wanting to leave, sleeping more, and in the end getting to the point where he was eating less.

For as many negative surprises, there were an equal or greater number of unforeseen positives from this trip. For instance, Loki used to be afraid of humans approaching him, but now walks up to people and invite petting. He has also gotten ten times better with random noises and knows that if I’m not nervous or uncomfortable, he’s fine.

I’m also much more resilient and less afraid of the unknown after this trip which is a great bonus.

Finally and best of all, the trip brought us closer because it put us through new challenges each day and Loki and I had to trust each other more to get through them. It was like team building activities that you and your co-workers have done but for you and your dog but less organized, haha!

I’m not suggesting that everyone with a dog should go out and do a cross country trip with their dog.  If you happen to want to travel with your dog or need to travel with your dog for a move, there can be some benefits if you do the necessary preparation and handle the bumps along the way.

If you’re unsure of where to start or how to travel with your dog, I will be posting articles on how to travel with a dog by car, plane, boat, or train as well as stories from my travels with Loki.

I look forward to posting more and hope you all enjoy what’s to come.

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