Traveling with your dog can make an adventure all the sweeter if done right. It can also turn into the vacation from hell if you don’t do your diligence in planning for your dog and yourself. This site is here to help you travel with your dog especially if it’s your first time. Although experienced doggie and me travelers are welcome.


For tips and tricks on how to travel with a dog, you can check out the blog section of this website. It has information on how to travel with your dog whether you want to do a weekend road trip to Vermont or fly abroad with your pup.

You’ll also find great information on hotel options, activities, and sites to see.

Lastly, I’ll have a section for products (soon) since, like you, your dog will benefit from having some travel items to make your life easier and to keep him a happy dog on your trip. Trust me when I say a grumpy fluffy butt may be cute in your Facebook feed but it’s a royal pain in a car ride.

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If you find that you have questions about planning your own travels or have a request for content, click on the “Contact” menu and send me a message. I’ll be sure to get back to you quickly and help you out.